Accounting advisors and bookkeepers who are engaged in recommending or promoting Telpay products and services (The ASP Partner) are eligible to receive discounted rates when they refer clients to Telpay.

Telpay agrees to:

  • Provide the Accounting Service Provider (ASP) Partner their own account to use at no cost for their accounting/bookkeeping business. Telpay will waive the setup fee and the monthly fee under the condition that the Partner maintains at the minimum one active client within 6 months of entering the agreement. Partners only pay per transaction fee. Partners are encouraged to create their own account so that they can best advise their clients and be hands-on with the software.
  • Waive the setup fee for the ASP’s clients.
  • Provide access to co-hosted webinars, newsletters, and industry information on an ongoing basis.
  • Contact the ASP quarterly to update account information, update promotional materials, and provide any additional support required.
  • Provide the ASP with a Customer Care Professional for all support inquiries.

Accounting Service Provider (ASP) Partner agrees to:

  • Register and maintain an active Telpay client within 6 months of the partnership start date.
    Enter the ‘Partner Identification Code’ on the application form to ensure the appropriate fees are waived.
  • Attend training webinars to learn and engage in the different services of the software.
    Notify Telpay when an account information update is required.
  • Telpay and the ASP Partner reserve the right to terminate the agreement at any time.