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Do you have a need to convert currencies or move funds from your US dollar account to your Canadian Dollar account? Wondering if you can get a much-improved exchange rate? Looking to lock in a rate using forwards? Compare our ultra-competitive currency rates to your bank. With TelpayFX Currency Conversions & Forwards' currency exchange partner, AFEX, you will have access to the simplest way get more for your money.

Simply sign up for Currency Conversion and start converting all major currencies.

Get real-time rates for all your currency exchange and currency forward needs.

Save Money –  With Telpay’s ultra-competitive currency rates you can save up to 5% of your total converted amount over bank rates.  
Convenient -  Do all your conversions and forwards from phone, online, or mobile platform.  
Easy to Setup – Simple to set up an account with our preferred and global partner.
Fair and Transparent  - You will have access to the actual exchange rate so you can know exactly how much you are being charged for your conversion and compare it to any other provider.  

Habit and “convenience” is not valuable if you lose easy money.  With TelpayFX Currency Conversions, you quit paying unnecessary built-in (hidden) costs that add up to a significant amount of money.  Save up to 5% for each exchange transaction.

Simple. Convenient. Low-Cost.

  • Simple to convert most foreign currencies
  • Compare your rate to an actual live rate – know what your true costs are
  • Single/dual signing authorization
  • Use forwards to manage your cash flow needs and risk


How does it work?

Open an Account with AFEX
Sign up for a Sign up for a TelpayFX Currency Conversion account with our provider AFEX. Connect your business bank accounts.

Approve Rate & Fund Payment
Review and approve payments entered then retrieve, accept and enjoy a better exchange rate. 

Confirmation is sent and funds will typically be deposited into the identified account same or next day.


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