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Firefly Data Solutions

Firefly Data Solutions
May Haak is an ASP Partner located in Burnaby, British Columbia.  May has the distinction of being a bookkeeper, data analyst and software developer. She started Firefly Data Solutions in 2003.  As sole proprietor, she landed a three month contract that is still going 10 years later.  Now with more clients, May feels her unique skill set of being a bean counter and techie, is a great advantage.    

Direct Deposit Solution Needed
For May’s clients, although they are different companies, they all had the same accounting needs:

  1. They wanted direct deposit solution for payroll and payables. It had to be easy, secure and cost effective.
  2. They were all tired of writing and sending cheques in the mail, especially with the postage hikes.     
  3. If they had US suppliers, paying them was a nightmare.  Writing and mailing a cheque to the US could take up to 6 weeks.  

Discovered Telpay
Three years ago, May was first introduced to Telpay at the inaugural IPBC Conference in Vancouver.  From her programming side, she was very impressed with the service and security.  As a bookkeeper May signed up for Telpay.  She wanted to get to know the service inside out, before she would be comfortable to recommend it to her clients. Within a couple of months, May was set up and very happy.  She stated, “Bar none, the best system and customer service I have ever dealt with.” 

Telpay is a Great Fit
Once May was comfortable with Telpay and knew it could do the job, she started setting up her clients.  She was confident that Telpay would be a great fit for their accounting needs. She recommended Telpay to her clients, as a secure direct deposit solution that would streamline the payment process and alleviate the pains they were all experiencing. Now May’s clients are very happy with the ease, convenience and low cost of Telpay.  As a programmer, she stated, “I have been working with IT and software for many years and you folks are the best.”

Saves Time
As a bookkeeper May stated, “I love it.”  Her bank statements used to be 2.5 to 3.0 pages long.  Now they are 1.0 to 1.5 pages.  May stated, “Reconciliation is so much quicker and that saves me valuable time, which is very important as a sole proprietor.”

Quick Facts


Burnaby, BC

What we use Telpay for:

Payroll, Payables and USD Payments

Why We Switched To Electronic Payments:

I have been working with IT and software for many years and you folks are the best.

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