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Serving 58 million customers daily through its 32,000 stores world-wide, McDonald’s employs more people than the populations of Canada and America combined. Operationally, the company sets the gold standard and McDonald’s franchises are some of the most coveted and difficult to obtain.


Given the intense pace and high levels of service and product quality that McDonald’s demands of its franchisees, operating a single store is a test for any manager. But for John Bergeron, owning and operating several locations were stretching him to the limit. Monthly accounting and bank reconciliation, as well as travel time for store visits, were putting tremendous pressure on his time. As a hands-on manager, John was incurring huge time penalties for tasks that had nominal operational value.


Although his stores employ state-of-the-art, highly efficient food preparation technology, their accounting methods were from an earlier generation. Rather than compromising his involvement in day-to-day operations, John turned to Telpay to solve his growing accounts payable challenges.


John had been using QuickBooks for his accounting and Telpay’s seamless compatibility meant set-up was a breeze. In no time John's stores were processing their accounts payable as efficiently as the Big Macs were rolling off the production line. Store visits were brought down to a manageable level and lost travel time became a thing of the past. Just how efficient is Telpay? With all the time saved, John is now able to do her own bookkeeping and the Telpay system complements and enables his hands-on style.

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What we use Telpay for:

Accounting, Payments

Why We Switched To Electronic Payments:

Telpay gives me freedom from having to be on location – this is especially important for owners like myself who operate multiple locations and who like to stay involved

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