Payroll Direct Deposit

Telpay for Business payment software enables you to pay your employees through direct deposit for as little as 15 cents per employee, regardless of the payroll software program or payroll service provider, you are using.

Telpay Integrates


Telpay directly integrates with many accounting and payroll applications, including Easypay, Paymate, PayTickr, Sage 50, Sage 300, Intuit QuickBooks, and more. We also integrate with any payroll systems that have the option to generate a bank file.   


Versatile. Robust. Fast.

  • Pay one, some, or all of your employees.
  • Pay CRA remittances and employee expense reimbursement.
  • Payroll deposited into employee accounts in as early as 2 business days


Convenient. Secure. Trusted

  • Single/dual signing authorization (just like your cheques)
  • Approve payments while away from the office 
  • Accountant tested with clear audit trail and strong reporting


How does it work?

Calculate Payroll
Simply calculate your payroll using any payroll solution or CRA’s free payroll calculator and import the net payroll information and/or enter any new employee banking details directly into Telpay for Business.

Send Payroll Information and Funds
Transmit your payment file to Telpay and fund the Telpay trust account by either using an online banking transfer from your financial institution or have Telpay withdraw the funds from your account.

Deposit Made
Once Telpay has received your funds; your employees will be paid via direct deposit.


How do I fund my payments to Telpay?

You choose the payment funding method that is suitable for you. The options available to you are online banking transfer from your financial institution to Telpay's Trust Account or an advance debit option where Telpay withdraws the funds from your account. The advance debit option is subject to review by Telpay.  A fee of up to $150 may apply. For more information on the available funding options, please speak to a Telpay representative.

Do I need a lead time to fund payments?

Timing can be tricky, but with the help of our funding timeline, you can be sure to get your payments where they need to go on time. Click here to view our funding timelines.

Will Telpay run in a Mac environment?

Telpay for Business software will only run in a Microsoft Windows environment. Software like Parallels or VMWare Fusion are required to be installed in order for you to run the software on Mac.


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