Financial Service Providers

Do you have payments that need to be processed on behalf of your customers?

Since 1985, Telpay has been the innovative leader in electronic payments.  We were the first in Canada to offer bill payment on the phone, on-line and to offer consolidated batch file processing to merchants.


If you are a financial service provider such as a bank, credit union, money store, retail stores, etc., looking for payment processing, Telpay has solutions.

Having processed over $17.7 billion in payments in 2017, our industry leading technology can integrate fully with virtually any financial service provider system. This provides your customers with a secure, proven, easy-to-use system. Telpay solutions provide comprehensive end-to-end payment processing functions that satisfy all the payment needs of financial service providers and their customers.

Telpay’s Payment Processing Solutions

Telpay offers three payment processing solutions. They are Electronic Payment Processing, Over The Counter Payment Processing and eBanking Solutions.

Electronic Payment Processing
Over The Counter
eBanking Solutions

Standard features in all three include:

Standard Features: 

  • Telpay's biller list of over 45,000 companies
  • Online self-service portal for your service staff to access customer payments
  • Comprehensive error-checking of data as entered, including account number
  • "Pay Anyone" capability that lets you and your customers create their own biller lists with no restriction - just add who you want to pay and pay them immediately
  • Fund transfers to any financial service providers in Canada, with or without email notification
  • Email confirmation at the end of each session sent to user
  • Telephone, internet and personal computer options
  • On-going maintenance and updates
  • Two-year online history of payments
  • Customer service and payment tracing departments
  • Reliable and cost effective systems
  • International payments and funds transfers

Our three solutions are modular, so that each can be chosen separately.

Finally, if you need help our Customer Care Professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of service that will meet or exceed all your expectations.


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