Over The Counter Payment Processing

Over the Counter Payment Processing is Telpay’s web-based solution for over the counter interaction between you and your customers, allowing them to make payments. With only a web browser, financial service providers such as banks, credit unions, money stores, retail stores, etc., can enter customer bill payments, government remittances and fund transfers to Telpay for next day processing. 

Your customers can pay everything from utilities to credit cards and even one-time payments that will be processed by Telpay on behalf of your customers.  It is an ideal companion to Telpay’s internet and or telephone bill payment front ends. WebOTC utilizes the same database for customer information, bill payment profiles for the internet and telephone solutions. If Over the Counter Payment Processing is used with a real-time debit, it makes use of the same real-time messaging channel as our internet and telephone solutions.

Over the Counter Payment Processing Features

  • Standard bill payments include credit cards, utilities, municipal taxes, cell, charities, etc.
  • Government remittances including Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and most provincial government agencies
  • Fund Transfers to any Canadian bank account (business or personal)
  • Telpay’s Pay Anyone functionality


  • No software required and works with all popular browsers
  • On line reporting and error checking of account numbers
  • Customer database history to allow for easy subsequent payments 


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