The Payment System Review Task Force - Telpay Memo Series

The Payment System Review Task Force (PSR) has been set up by the Federal Government to plan a transition from cheques to electronic payments. Time savings by billers and bill payers would amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. Telpay is of course vitally interested in this work. We have a system that already does the job for Canadians however there is manoeuvrings by the banks who wish to control the system in order to retain the savings for themselves.

Telpay is providing its own thoughts and proposals for obvious selfish reasons but also to ensure that the savings at least partly accrue to businesses and individuals. Copies of those memos will be posted on this site. You may learn more about the Payment System Review Task Force by visiting their site at where you can also provide your own feedback. We also welcome your feedback, please respond to

Memo 1: Who is Telpay by W.H. Loewen, July 14 2011

Memo 2: An Offer You Shouldn't Refuse by W.H. Loewen, July 29 2011

Memo 3: Who's in Charge , Billers, Bill Payers or Banks?

Memo 4: Who Needs Regulation?