Save a Tree-Plant a Tree

Telpay is committed to being environmentally friendly through responsible and sustainable practises. We all know switching from cheques to electronic payments is not only a smart business decision but it is also good for the environment.  When you switch to electronic payments you are no longer using paper products such as cheques, envelopes and stamps.

In honour of Earth Day and our commitment to the environment, Telpay is pleased to announce our Save a Tree – Plant a Tree Program, in partnership with Tree Canada!  Telpay encourages all Canadian businesses to replace cheques with electronic payments through Telpay.  As a green incentive, Tree Canada will plant a tree to celebrate the 100th bill payment milestone achieved by a Telpay customer. In addition, customers will receive a certificate and will be listed as a “Telpay Green Partner” on our website and on various social media platforms.

Tree Canada 

Tree Canada has been working with governments, communities, corporations and individuals for over 20 years now to create greener and healthier living environments for Canadians. They have planted nearly 80 million trees and greened more than 550 schoolyards across the country. They provide not only the resources to plant and care for trees in both urban and rural environments but also education and technical expertise.


Join Our Program

Interested in becoming a Green Partner with Telpay?  Contact us to learn more about electronic payments. Together, we can tree and green up Canada.