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For 35 years, Canadian owned Telpay has delivered innovative, cost-effective, and secure electronic payment solutions that are an alternative to writing cheques to consumers, financial institutions, and businesses. In 1985, Telpay was founded as an R&D division of Comcheq Services, a payroll company started by W.H. (Bill) Loewen. From there, Telpay pioneered the first telephone bill payment service. Moving from telephones to the computer and the Internet, Telpay has been constantly committed to improvement, Telpay has grown to be one of Canada’s most trusted and largest independent electronic payment companies, processing over $20.7 billion in payments in 2019.

Our flagship product, Telpay for Business was designed by accountants for accountants to move money electronically, as an alternative to writing a cheque. Compatible with all major accounting software, by using Telpay for Business, any business owner or accountant/bookkeeper can, right from their computer or personal electronic device, move money for:

  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Suppliers payments
  • Receive payments
  • Government Remittances
  • International payments
  • Currency Conversions and Forwards

With over 50 dedicated and caring employees, we at Telpay we are committed to a customer-centric culture. Our goal is to offer the best experience ever, truly delighting our customers with our products, service, and our Telpay Team.

With customers across Canada, Telpay is proudly based in downtown Winnipeg, in a beautiful heritage building built by Canada Permanent Trust Company in 1909. The building incorporated many security features that have since been enhanced and modernized by Telpay. Combining our old school building with our new school technology, Telpay is the better way to pay and send money.