About Us

Since 1995, Canadian-owned Telpay has delivered innovative, cost-effective, and secure electronic payment solutions to businesses, accountants, bookkeepers and financial institutions.

Get to Know Telpay

Telpay was founded as an R&D division of Comcheq Services, a payroll company started by W.H. (Bill) Loewen. From there, Telpay pioneered the first telephone bill payment service. Since then, Telpay has continually committed to innovation, growing to become one of Canada’s most trusted and largest independent electronic payment companies, processing over $20.2 billion in payments (2021).

Our flagship product, Telpay for Business, was designed by accountants for accountants to move money electronically, as an alternative to writing a cheque. Compatible with all major accounting software, by using Telpay for Business, any business owner or accountant/bookkeeper can, right from their computer or personal electronic device, move money for:

  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Suppliers payments
  • Receive payments
  • Government Remittances

With more than 70 dedicated and caring employees, we are committed to a customer-centric culture. Our goal is to offer the best experience ever, truly delighting our customers with our products, service, and our Telpay Team.

Serving customers across Canada, Telpay is based in Winnipeg. Combining tradition with modern, cutting-edge technology, Telpay is the better way to pay and send money.


Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be Canada’s trusted leader for innovative payment solutions.

Our Mission

To earn the trust of Canadians by providing reliable, convenient and secure payment solutions.

Our Values


We are honest and diligent, trusted for our uncompromising integrity, which is expressed in all aspects of our company—from the design of our technology to the character and comportment of our employees.


We are in the business of helping companies create value through efficient accounting, and we care not only about the platform but also our people and partners who deliver the technology to our clients.


Our employees are always available and ready to assist clients with helpful, human advice.


We led the charge in electronic payments by innovating the first telephone bill payment service. Today, as payment needs and technologies evolve, we continually explore new ways to deliver cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer care.


The Team

Telpay Board of Directors

As a leader in Payments for more than 37 years, Telpay is dedicated to strong corporate governance. To fulfill this commitment, Telpay is guided by a diverse and experienced Board of Directors committed to guiding the company forward with a solid strategic direction.

John Loewen, Director
Barb Gamey, Director
David Johnston, Director

Telpay Management Team

Kevin Sokolowski, President
Alan Beaton, Chief Operating Officer
Bereket Hailemariam, Vice President, Systems
Sheldon Nimetz, CPA, CA, Vice President, Trust Operations
John Zajic, Vice President, Corporate Policy & Compliance
Tina Mahood, Manager, Customer Care
Leonardo Deornelas, Manager, Business Development
Janet Klem, Manager, Biller Services
Jack Slawik, Manager, Technical Services
Lyn Walker, Manager, Marketing