More powerful.
More portable.
More flexible.

Save time and money by
automating your
payments workflow.


Make Payments with Telpay

Telpay’s cloud-based payment platform makes your job easier than ever.


A single sign-on that gives you the ability to log in for multiple accounts.



Set up to 21 approvers with customizable levels of access and maximum payment amounts.


Update, approve, schedule, and check in on your payments from anywhere – and on any device.


Pay Bills and Invoices

  • Strengthen vendor and supplier relationships with faster invoice approvals and next-day bill payments
  • Automate your payments – set a schedule to pay credit cards, utilities, CRA and government remittances, and more
  • A robust audit trail provides visibility into your payment transactions
  • Run simple and comprehensive reporting using data synced from QuickBooks or other accounting platforms

Pay Employees through Direct Deposit

  • Import direct deposits from QuickBooks
  • Payroll deposited into employee accounts as early as two business days
  • Reimburse employee expenses with Funds Transfer

CRA and Government Remittance

  • Pay any government department with all required forms
  • Pay remittance as early as the next business day
  • Schedule remittance of source deduction with payroll direct deposit

Transfer Funds into any Canadian bank account

  • Transfer funds as early as the next business day.
  • The payee will receive an email notifying them of the payment
  • No more mail, couriers, or dropping off cheques

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