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Pay Bills and Invoices

Pay utilities, credit cards, suppliers and vendors of any size. Get access to Canada’s largest biller list with over 150,000 listed businesses.

  • Enter payments directly into Telpay
  • Next day bill payments
  • Consolidated payments to Billers
  • Full reporting
  • Payment history
  • No need to collect bank account information

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Telpay integrates


In addition to the programs listed above, Telpay for Business also supports the following legacy accounting software; MYOB Version 11, Syspro, Momentum MHIS Standard, Peachtree, Money, ACCPAC Advantage, Quicken Versions 5 and 6, ACCPAC Plus, Tronia, AIMsi, and FAS, plus any system that has the ability to export payments or import journal entries.



Pay Employees

Pay your employees through direct deposit for as little as 25 cents per employee, regardless of your payroll software program or payroll service provider.

  • Import direct deposits from major payroll systems such as Easypay, Paydirt, Paymate, PayTickr*, Sage, QuickBooks
  • Payroll deposited into employee accounts in as early as two business days
  • Reimburse employee expenses with Funds

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Telpay integrates

Plus any system that has the ability to generate a payroll file.

*Note: PayTickr’s payroll has been designed to automatically remit all employee deductions plus company share where applicable. And you specify the date for each one. No longer do you have to remit these amounts on payday. The entire payroll is recorded, so you no longer have to prepare a journal entry. These features are unique to PayTickr, but they can be incorporated into other payroll systems. Ask your payroll suppliers to contact Telpay for specifications. 

CRA and Government Remittance

Pay federal and provincial government remittances, with all required forms built-in.

  • Pay any government department with all required forms
  • Pay remittance as early as next business day
  • Schedule remittance of source deduction with payroll direct deposit

Transfer Funds

Transfer funds into any bank account in Canada as early as the next business day.

Need to move funds quickly to reimburse an employee or pay a contractor? Many businesses continue to pay for expensive wire transfers and courier or drive cheques around town. Telpay’s funds transfer system gives you the ability to transfer money quickly and easily into any Canadian bank account*.

  • Send money to any bank account in Canada*
  • Payee will receive an email notifying them of the payment
  • No more couriering or dropping off cheques, or sending them by courier

*To learn more about sending money internationally, visit our International Payments or Currency Conversions & Forwards.


Make Payments with Telpay

1) Process Payments

Enter the payment details or a batch of payments into your Telpay software. You can pay a bill, a supplier, pay your employees, pay CRA, wherever you need to send funds.

2) Fund Payments

Choose how to fund your payment. You can fund payments via transfer from your financial institution to your Telpay Trust Account.

3) Payments Made

Your payment approver is notified, the payment is approved, then your funds move by the next business day, and your supplier is notified by email or file including payment details such as account number and invoices.