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International Payments

Need to send money quickly and securely overseas? Have an invoice to pay from an international supplier or consultant? Make your International payment process efficient and cost-effective. Save on expensive wire transfer fees and improve your transaction rate significantly compared to banks.

Easy. Smart. Secure

  • Click to retrieve spot rate, 60 seconds to approve/reject the quote.
  • Single/dual signing authorization, just like your cheques.
  • Approve payments while away from the office.
  • Telpay notifies suppliers of payment by email or fax.
  • Accountant tested with a clear audit trail and strong reporting.


Get an International Currency Account and start making secure electronic payments to over 180 countries.

Retrieve instant competitive rate quotes anytime you need to make payments in most foreign currencies from one of our International Currency Exchange partners.


Payline by ICE

Make International payments from Telpay for Business with full integration with Payline by ICE for $2.40 a payment.