Navigating the world of international business can be complex, especially when it comes to managing money. That’s where Telpay International Payments powered by CastleFX comes in. We’re here to make international payments and exchanging currencies easier and cost-effective with our ultra-competitive rates for your business.

International Payments

Sending money to international suppliers, employees, consultants, or contractors is both secure and straightforward. Eliminate the need for time-consuming bank visits and optimize your payment processes. Our solution brings you closer to your global partners, saving you both time and money.

  • Pay international vendors, employees, and consultants.
  • Send and receive payments to 180+ countries.
  • Simple and fast.


Competitive Currency Exchange for Businesses

Are you a corporation or small business seeking efficient currency conversion between US and Canadian dollars? Discover the better way to manage currency exchange. Our rates significantly outperform traditional bank offerings, providing a economical solution for your business. Say goodbye to outdated methods and hidden fees that can accumulate to costly amounts.

  • Access real-time, true currency rates.
  • Simple to convert most foreign currencies
  • Compare your rate to an actual live rate – know what your true costs are
  • Use forwards to manage your cash flow needs and risk



How to Get Started?

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to learn how Telpay International Payments powered by CastleFX provides transparent, competitive rates that enhance your bottom line.

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