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Telpay for Accountants and Bookkeepers

ASP Partner Program

Still sending cheques or paying expensive wire transfer fees? Need to integrate your operation with your client’s payroll system? Introduce your clients to Telpay and benefit from the value streamlining payments can bring.

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Telpay ASP Partners are available nearly everywhere across Canada. Talk to a Telpay ASP today about the benefits the program offers accounting professionals and their clients.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Our partners are talking! Watch video testimonials and browse case studies from a wide array of industries and professions, and learn exactly what Telpay has done for their businesses.

“Telpay can work for all types of businesses. We can make payments from anywhere, the turnaround time is so much quicker. It’s been great to allow me to not miss anybody’s deadline.”

– Melissa Michalski, Managing Partner, CertPro Accounting Team