Pre-Authorized Debits

Many businesses prefer to offer their customers a pre-authorized payment option rather than costly credit cards or manual cheques. Pre-authorized payments will improve cash flow and your ability to collect receivables. With Telpay for Business, you can collect monthly recurring payments such as subscriptions, fees, dues or donations from your customers for as little as 15 cents per payment.


  • Collect from any bank account in Canada.
  • Import from any system that securely stores bank account details.
  • Single/dual payment authorization.
  • Expert staff trained to help you get your PAD program started.
  • Built-in audit trail for changes and additions.
  • Secure transmission Telpay.
  • Customer authorization pro forma.


NOTE: To use Pre-Authorized Debits, a business must be subscribed to Telpay for Business payroll direct deposit and/or bill payment service and have completed at least 5 direct deposit and/or bill payment session (combined).

PayNow™ with Telpay

Simple. Convenient. Two-Step Process to Pay Bills

Switching to PayNow!™ enables your customers to experience benefits such as:


  • Ability to deal with the payment immediately on receipt because we retain the payment preference date.
  • No more lost bills while they wait for the due date.
  • No more complicated steps, jumps from location to location, passwords to remember.
  • Just two step process to pay bills.