Case Studies

  • MicroPilot I’m not always in the office and it’s tough to sign a cheque when I’m away. With Telpay I can process payments from anywhere in the world. Howard Loewen, President, MicroPilotRead More
  • Reliable Accounting and Tax Services There is no alternative to Telpay. Now we can offer our clients payroll direct deposit at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing payroll, and we get to stay in full control of the process. The accounts payables service also streamlines the authorization process for our clients. By doing so, we have saved over 75% of time in the payments process, allowing us to focus on additional areas of our business, such as accepting new clients while ensuring the quality of our services. Telpay has been an excellent selling feature to our clients. Dayna RivestRead More
  • Firefly Data Solutions I have been working with IT and software for many years and you folks are the best. May Haak, BookkeeperRead More
  • LedgersOnline Inc. “Any time one of our client's need an out-of-the-box accounts payable or receivable solution, we always recommend Telpay. With great support you can feel confident your clients are in good hands” Wayne Zielke, CEORead More
  • Calvary Baptist Church I really like freedom of not having to find dual signors before releasing the payments. Telpay is so convenient, because it works on my schedule and not everyone else's. Margaret Chwyl, CPB, BookkeeperRead More
  • Lorie Poulton Bookkeeping “Telpay made my job so much easier, that I have been able to take on more clients, grow my business and enjoy my horses too.” Lorie Poulton , Lorie Poulton Bookkeeping Read More