Case Studies

  • McDonald's Telpay gives me freedom from having to be on location – this is especially important for owners like myself who operate multiple locations and who like to stay involved John Bergeron, Owner/Operator, McDonald’s Restaurant FranchiseRead More
  • Firefly Data Solutions I have been working with IT and software for many years and you folks are the best. May Haak, BookkeeperRead More
  • The Forks North Portage Partnership We save about $16,000 per year using Telpay. It’s a user-friendly program and vendors are happy; several have called and mentioned how much they like getting paid through Telpay! Naomi Howell, Office Manager, Executive AssistantRead More
  • Canadian First Aid Training Ltd. I especially like the simplicity of Telpay and the fact that it allows me to have a virtual paper-less office which saves me piles of time and money. Christian Clavelle, OwnerRead More
  • LedgersOnline Inc. “Any time one of our client's need an out-of-the-box accounts payable or receivable solution, we always recommend Telpay. With great support you can feel confident your clients are in good hands” Wayne Zielke, CEORead More
  • Inlett Incorporated Telpay offers huge internal efficiencies for payroll through direct deposit. For price it is way cheaper than any bank and informed they couldn’t touch it and won’t even try to compete. I love Telpay, because it allows me to minimize my time on daily accounting, while maximizing my time to manage and be innovative in my company, instead of signing cheques. Wendi Dunstone, CMA, Director of Manager ServicesRead More