Communications FAQs

Emailed Invoices

Yes, our notification emails will now be coming from '', as opposed to the previous email address ''.  The recent upgrade to our systems has required us to adjust the address of the email. This change was effective as of July 25, 2022.
We received feedback from many clients and billers who had asked to have the report as a separate file. In previous reports, those individuals were required to copy and paste the contents into a new file in order to have them separated. This new format eliminates that extra step.
No, this invoice does not mean you owe us any amount. When designing the invoice report, we utilized the standard language you would normally see on an invoice. There is no money that you need to send. We will debit your account as usual.  
Yes, the timing as to when the invoices will be sent has changed. We now process the email notifications for the invoices the night before the payments are taken.
Specifically, with invoices, you will now receive the following email:       Within this email, you will find a PDF attachment outlining your invoice details. If you are having trouble receiving the email or opening the attachment within, please contact your IT department to request that the '' domain be whitelisted so that we can deliver our enhanced invoices to you. Sample invoice: