FAQ: Telpay Desktop to Online Migration

Telpay Desktop to Online Migration

Due to the differences and incompatibility between Telpay's Desktop and Online platforms, you cannot have two active accounts for the same company. Your Desktop account will be cancelled once your information is transferred to the Online platform.

We recommend keeping your Desktop software installed for your payment history. You will not be able to process any additional payments through the Desktop software, as your Desktop account will be canceled once you have migrated to Telpay Online. Everything will now be done in Telpay Online.

No. There is no need to sign up for a separate account. Your company information including your Telpay Access Number and biller data will be moved over to the Online platform.
No. Once we receive your request, your request will be queued for the Migration Team to process. You'll receive an email when it's time to migrate your account, and again when the migration is complete including instructions on how to get started with Online.
Telpay’s Migration Team will move the information below from Desktop to Online. Any data not listed will need to be entered into the Online platform after you are set up.

• Company information including your Access Number
• Biller data including banking where applicable

You will be emailed a confirmation with instructions on how to get started as soon as the Migration Team has completed the transfer.
After the migration request has been submitted, your request will be queued up for the Migration Team to process. We'll email you when it's time to migrate your Desktop account and again when it's done. The process will take approximately 7 business days from when the migration is queued to when it's completed.

No. There is no fee to migrate your account from Desktop to Telpay Online.

Yes. Please visit our Telpay Online Support Site for training materials for the services you will be using.

By migrating your information to the Online platform you will:

  • Not have to complete a new application for payment services
  • Retain your Access Number
  • Have access to your Biller database
  • Be able to start making payments as soon as our Migration Team completes the data transfer
  • Telpay Online has seamless two-way sync with QuickBooks Online
  • All other accounting software such as QuickBooks Desktop, Sage 50, etc, integrate using Telpay Online's built-in Import Mapping Tool (IMT).