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How much can your business save?

Use our Savings Calculator to find out.

Note: The numbers shown are for demonstration purposes only. Please change the quantities and costs in the boxes to suit your present circumstances, and all of the totals will update automatically.

Cost items Cost per payment Monthly cost by cheque Monthly cost by Telpay
Bill payment usage based on payments per month
Telpay transaction fee* 0.60 $ 18.00
Bank charges per cheque $ 30.00
Cheque form $ 6.00
Postage cost per mailing $ 31.50
Envelope $ 3.00
Signing, assembly and mailing $ 15.00
Bank reconciliation $ 7.50
Monthly bill payment cost $ 93.00 $ 18.00
Payroll payment usage based on payrolls per month with deposits each
Telpay fee per deposit** 0.25 $ 0.00
Bank charges per cheque $ 0.00
Cheque form and statement $ 0.00
Envelope $ 0.00
Signing and distribution $ 0.00
Bank reconciliation $ 0.00
Monthly payroll cost $ 0.00 $ 0.00
Monthly cost
Telpay base charge per month $ 15.00
Total monthly cost $ 93.00 $ 30.00
Summary of savings
Savings per month using Telpay for Business $ 63.00
Savings per year using Telpay for Business $ 756.00

Important notes:

* Payments made by cheque are charged at $1.50.

** Minimum $7.50 per payroll.

  • If an interface with another accounting system or a download of a biller file is required, additional software fees may apply.
  • You can make payments in most foreign currencies using the Telpay for Business software. International payments are charged at $2.50 per payment plus fees if any are charged by the foreign currency exchange provider.

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