Follow the steps below to determine your funding date to ensure your payroll and payments are funded and processed on time.
NOTE: Telpay processed payroll and payables on business days only. There is an additional required lead-time for holidays; make sure to adjust your payment date accordingly.

Step 1

Which Telpay for Business Account will you be making payments from?


Step 2

What type of payment will you be making?


Step 3

How will you be funding your payments?

Send Funds ?
  • Add Telpay to your list of bill payees in your online bill payment service.
  • Your bill payment file and funds must be sent to Telpay by 3:00 PM, CST, 1 business day prior to your payment date.
  • To learn more click here

  • Make next business day payable payments with the ‘Send Funds’ option
Debit your Account ?
  • Advanced Debits funding option is available to existing Telpay for Business desktop users.
  • Your file must be sent to Telpay 5 business days prior to your payment date.

Step 4

Which Financial Institution are you using?

TDOther FI

Step 5

Select payment date:

If you need assistance with the funding schedule, please contact our Customer Care team at or call 1-800-665-0302.