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Telpay Online

Make Payments to Telpay Premium Billers

Have you received an invoice that included Telpay as a payment option? Or perhaps you received a request from a business or organization to pay them electronically using Telpay Online?

  • With Telpay Online, you can pay any business or organization registered as a Premium Biller with Telpay.
  • Payments are debited from your bank account and sent to the Premium Biller.
  • Premium Biller receives invoice details with each payment.

What is a Premium Biller

A Premium Biller is a business or organization that has registered their company with Telpay to receive online payments from other businesses or individuals. These include universities, colleges, utilities, municipalities, community clubs, churches and business suppliers.

Need to know if a business or organization is registered as a Premium Biller? Contact Telpay’s Support Team.


How does it work?

Sign up for a Telpay Online account with the required support documentation. Approval process typically takes 2-3 business days.

Sign Up

Create your account, enter the Premium Biller’s Code, register your banking information and make your first payment to the registered business or organization.

Confirm & Verify

For verification & account approval, send a copy of a void cheque (counter cheques not accepted) with the following immediately to
Businesses: Signed authorization form.
Individuals:  Recent Hydro bill.

Send Payment

Upon approval of your account, Telpay will debit your bank account and send payment to your Premium Biller. Allow 4 business days for your payment to be applied to your Premium Biller.



$0.50 transaction fee*
No service or monthly fee
*In some cases, the Premium Biller may choose to have their payees incur the transaction cost.

Ready to sign up? Getting started is easy.

Here’s what you’ll need to create a Telpay Online account:

  • Obtain a Biller Code from a business or organization registered as a Premium Biller or contact us.
  • For businesses: A void cheque (counter cheques not accepted)
  • For individuals: A copy of your recent utility bill and your void cheque (counter cheques not accepted)

Get Started with Telpay Online



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