Commitment to the Community

Our community drives our business, which is why Telpay is a proud supporter of many important local initiatives. Check out a few of the causes we’re currently involved in:

United Way Winnipeg

United Way of Winnipeg is an autonomous, non-profit organization that builds upon a long history of bringing together diverse partners at the local level to initiate action on community issues. Through an Annual Campaign, the United Way of Winnipeg raises funds in the community in support of an essential network of agencies and programs. All donations raised through the Annual Campaign go directly to the 104 community agencies. United Way of Winnipeg is a member of the United Way/Centraide Canada.




Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)

Leaf works to ensure Canadian courts provide equal rights guaranateed to women and girls by Section 15 of the Canadian Charter.  Telpay sponsors a table at the Annual Person's Day Breakfast. 




Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE)

From its humble beginnings in a run-down building in Winnipeg, PTE has grown to epitomize, for thousands of Winnipeggers, the good things in life here on the Prairies: camaraderie, self-sufficiency, strength of will, creativity and warmth of heart. , PTE fills a unique and important niche: producing works, often new, with a focus on Manitoban and Canadian artists, which speak to the "non-arts" audience as strongly as to those who have always made theatre, dance, and symphony a part of their lives. Telpay is a major play sponsor and opening night.




Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO)

The WSO is a Manitoba Treasure, that performs over 80 concerts a year. Through the Adopt-A-Musician program, Telpay proudly supports the following violinists: Karen Bauch, Claudine St-Arnauld, Jun Shao, Hong Tian Jia and Takayo Noguchi by helping them fulfill their dream to perform at the world renowned Carnegie Hall in New York City on May 8, 2014.




Work and Social Opportunities (WASO)

Since 1981, WASO has been helping adults living with intellectual disabilities.  WASO does this through innovative programs that involve work, life, social, recreational and employment opportunities. Spanning several locations in Winipeg, WASO is a thriving resource for individuals seeking recreational, life skills and employment support.  Many corporate and non-profit organizations seek out the talents and skills of individuals supported by WASO.  Every Thursday, Kyle and Kosti visit Telpay to keep things tidy.  They bring joy with their high-fives, laughter and Winnipeg Jet conversations.




Momentum Centre

The Momentum Centre is a not for profit training centre, that helps launch Aboriginal and New Canadians to find meaningful and ongoing careers. The Momentum Centre links participants with employers in their fields of interest and expertise for work experience.  As well, participants partake in a leadership, initiative and professional development training to gain the necessary skills, attitudes, and confidence to bring their best to their workplace.




Canadian Mental Health 

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Winnipeg Region is part of a nation-wide, charitable organization that promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness.  Since its formation CMHA, Winnipeg Region has contributed to and participated in numerous coalitions and working groups in the area of mental health, housing, employment and disability issues with the goal to improve the quality of life for people living with serious mental health problems.

On October 10, 2013, telpay was honored as a hero of mental health in the business cateogry. 



Tree Canada 

Since 1994, Tree Canada has been committed to a greener environment, planting nearly 80 million trees across the country.  At Telpay, we feel we have a responsibility to do our part for a healthy environment. We encourage all of our customers and every business across Canada to reduce paper consumption. As a partner for Telpay’s Save a Tree – Plant a Tree Program, every time a Telpay for Business customer reaches the 100th bill payment milestone, Tree Canada plants a tree in their honour. By adopting electronic payments with Telpay, you can save a tree and plant one too!





Hockey Fights 4 Kids

In Winnipeg, budding youth philanthropist Coral Johnson went above and beyond a classroom assignment - which asked students to give back to the community in some way - by holding a full-scale fundraiser. Now four years later, the annual Hockey Fights 4 Kids shinny tournament raises thousands of dollars for children’s charity, such as Children’s Hospital of Foundation of Manitoba, Free the Children and this year’s charity will be the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation. Telpay is proud to support this organization by providing the payment portal for online donations