AccuRoot Financial Solutions

Naureen Punjani, Director of Bookkeeping and Reporting

AccuRoot Financial Solutions is a bookkeeping and business consultancy firm with clients across Canada. Founded by husband-and-wife team Naureen and Rafiq Punjani, the company normally operates from an office in Winnipeg, but the pandemic has forced the entire AccuRoot team to work virtually. Thankfully, they had Telpay set up well before the shutdown, says Naureen.

Collecting and paying from home

As a serial entrepreneur and finance professional, Naureen knows that cash is king. “Even if a business is making plenty of profit, the business will struggle if receivable collection is poor.”

COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem for some companies. Without an efficient collections process that can be done from home, cash flows can’t be predictable and business can grind to a halt.

The same is true for making payments, says Naureen. If you can make payments virtually and get them approved easily, cash flows remain predictable and business can continue running smoothly.

Luckily, AccuRoot started using Telpay before the pandemic and hasn’t experienced either of these challenges, says Naureen.

A “life-saver”

AccuRoot had the Telpay structure set up and its teams trained just months before the shutdown, and Naureen says it all went “very smooth.” Telpay’s support staff was a big reason for that, she adds.

Now, although the entire AccuRoot team is working from home, Telpay’s pre-authorized debit tool has allowed uninterrupted collections and ensured predictable cash flows.

Making payments has been so much simpler than pre-Telpay too, says Naureen. “They receive an email with details of what is being paid and approve or reject right from their emails.”

“Telpay has been a life-saver for us.”


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Winnipeg, Manitoba


Bill payments, Pre-authorized debits

“Pre-authorized debit set up allowed us to experience uninterrupted collections and ensured that our cash flows were predictable. Also, as we were working from home, making payments was so much simpler.”

Naureen Punjani
Director of Bookkeeping and Reporting, AccuRoot Financial Solutions