Dakota Community Centre

Winnipeg’s Dakota Community Centre (DCC) is where NHL star Jonathan Toews began his young hockey career, and today it’s home to two indoor rinks, an outdoor rink, and a 60,000 square foot fieldhouse. From day one, the DCC’s values have been inclusiveness, teamwork, fairness, opportunity, and excellence — values that even extend to how it pays vendors and employees, says the DCC’s director of finance and administration, Jody Wreggit.

Efficient, Green payments

Before Telpay, the DCC’s payment process wasn’t all that excellent, says Jody.

“We had to prepare and distribute individual cheques for all of our vendors as well as instructors, referees, timekeepers, and ice technicians. That was around 200 cheques each month.”

Considering Jody and her team had to get manual signatures for those cheques and then distribute them individually, the payment process wasn’t all that fair to anyone either.

It also wasn’t fair to the environment. One estimate suggests that paper cheques add 3.6 million tonnes of greenhouses gases to the environment every year — a sobering stat for a community centre committed to green operations.

Environmental and Time Savings

Tired of the inefficiency and unsustainability of their paper cheque system, the DCC became a Telpay for Business customer in 2018 after talking to others who used Telpay and loved it.

Besides the environmental savings, the biggest plus has been the time savings, says Jody. “We are definitely saving time as we do not have to handle all the questions and communications regarding the distribution of cheques.”

And with Telpay’s seamless payment authorization process where signing authorities can approve or reject payments right from their emails, even more time is saved, says Jody.

“In total, I estimate that we save about 10 hours per week with Telpay.”


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Winnipeg, Manitoba

November 2018

Bill payments, Direct deposit

“To reduce the time it takes to manually sign cheques and to efficiently distribute to the various vendors, instructors, referees, and timekeepers.”

Jody Wreggit,
Director of Finance and Administration