Reliable Accounting and Tax Services

Who is Reliable Accounting & Tax Services Ltd
Reliable Accounting & Tax Services Ltd. is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Formed in 2007, we provide accounting, full cycle bookkeeping, income tax and business services including interim controller responsibilities. Specializing in QuickBooks with knowledge in other accounting packages, we offer the opportunity for business owners to outsource a portion or all of their workload, allowing them to run core business effectively.

Balancing Time
Dayna was faced with many challenges attempting to balance her time while focusing on delivering quality work and billable services. She spent plenty of time researching payroll and bill payment solutions for each of her clients’ unique needs that would easily integrate into their accounting system and eliminate any need to re-key information. Dayna found it challenging to accept new clients, as excessive time was being spent issuing cheques, having them signed by one or more signing officers, possibly in two different locations, and finally mailing them out. Telpay has been the answer for Reliable Accounting and their clients, as it solves all of these issues while being a very cost effective solution.

Discovered the Advantages of Direct Deposit
Telpay integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting packages to eliminate double keying along with reducing manual tasks such as assembling cheques, which equates to a significant time savings. With Telpay’s remote authorization feature, Dayna can conveniently approve payroll & payables batches from her laptop, smart phone or tablet device.

Cost Savings
As a result of incorporating Telpay into their daily business in 2009, Reliable Accounting recognized a time savings of 75% for payment processing. In addition, they have eliminated the costs associated with processing cheques such as envelopes, postage, travel time and cheque stock. Due to the streamlined authorization process, Reliable Accounting now has more time to focus on growing with our clients and developing their business for a successful future.

Dayna Rivest



Payroll and Payables

“ There is no alternative to Telpay. Now we can offer our clients payroll direct deposit at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing payroll, and we get to stay in full control of the process. The accounts payables service also streamlines the authorization process for our clients. By doing so, we have saved over 75% of time in the payments process, allowing us to focus on additional areas of our business, such as accepting new clients while ensuring the quality of our services. Telpay has been an excellent selling feature to our clients. ”