InterPaid Inc.

Andrew McAuley, Founder and Owner

Based in Sarnia, Ontario, InterPaid is a bookkeeping and business management firm catering to small, medium, and large enterprises. Owner Andrew McAuley says the company was founded with a singular vision in mind: to enhance the accounting setups of businesses using a full range of services. This includes full-cycle accounting, payroll, remittances, accounts receivable collection, accounts payable management, business optimization, and more.

Overcoming Bank Inefficiencies

InterPaid is a tech-heavy firm that always looks to provide the most reliable and efficient solutions to its clients, says McAuley. But before Telpay, the company was relying on clients’ direct deposit features through their banks to make payments.

“This was an extremely time-consuming and difficult task as we had to have individual logins created, signing authorities depending on the bank, etcetera,” says McAuley. “Not to mention, most banks’ direct deposit payment platforms are not designed for accountants or third-party providers.”

On top of that, each bank has its own individual processes, which meant that InterPaid couldn’t deploy one solution for all clients. To deliver on its mission of efficiency, the company needed a platform that would integrate with various accounting programs and its payroll software.

20-Hours Saved Monthly

InterPaid tried several payment platforms before landing on Telpay, but none of them compared, says McAuley. “The major selling feature with Telpay was that it’s an all-in-one payment solution. Telpay also has the fastest processing times. To be able to submit a payment batch and have it paid out the next day is outstanding.”

Plus, transitioning to Telpay was “extremely easy”, he adds. In total, the setup only took about two days, and the Telpay team was there at every step. “The staff at Telpay have always been exceptional,” says McAuley.

Now, InterPaid is saving itself and its clients a “ton of time and money”, says McAuley. Instead of wasting hours and dollars on dealing with banks or preparing and mailing cheques, InterPaid can truly focus on optimizing its clients’ accounting systems.

“Our average bill run now takes less than an hour and can be done remotely,” says McAuley. “And across all of our clients, we have been able to save at least 20 hours a month. Telpay has definitely helped us achieve the ‘wow’ that we’re known for.”


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Sarnia, Ontario


Payroll Direct Deposit, Bill payments, Pre-authorized debits

“By allowing us to streamline our services and deliver them remotely nationwide, Telpay has helped us provide industry-leading solutions that optimize our clients’ practices while saving money. This is true regardless of company size, industry, and needs.”

Andrew McAuley, Founder, and Owner