Lorie Poulton Bookkeeping

More Time to Horse Around

Lorie is an ASP Partner located in Appin, Ontario.  She is married to the love of her life and has a fabulous 26 year old son. Lories loves being a bookkeeper. Lorie feels, “very fortunate in that I really enjoy my work and the wonderful people I work with / for”.  Outside of work, horses are her passion.

Tired of Cheques

With seven clients and counting, she uses QuickBooks and Telpay for Business for both payroll and payables. Before Telpay, Lorie was writing approximately 80 cheques bi-weekly, an even bigger hassle was tracking down clients to sign cheques.  It was an inconvenience to ask them to make a special trip to the office and was causing delays.  Lorie stated, “most of my clients are working hard to run and promote their business. They are not sitting in their office getting ready to sign cheques.”

Discovered Telpay

Lorie thought there had to be a better way, so she started to investigate direct deposit for payroll.  She contacted her bank and found out that there were huge compatibility and equipment issues, substantial set-up fees and extra time for training. “It sounded like it would be quite the task and more headaches,” said Lorie.

Recommended through QuickBooks, she found Telpay integrates fully with QuickBooks to eliminate double keying.  Lorie started running payroll with Telpay.  With the remote authorization feature, she no longer had to chase signatures and employees were now being paid in a timely fashion.  For payables, Lorie had some apprehension, she was not sure why, but likes Telpay even more.

Customer Care Professionals

Lorie stated, “when I started, I had some questions and called the support line.  I spoke with a wonderful and patience representative that walked me through the entire process.  Also for payables, I needed a little hand holding the first time through.  Again, a service representative stayed on the line with me and we went through the process, providing an opportunity for me to ask other questions as we went.  Now that I have been using Telpay for payroll and payables, it’s a snap.”

“I value great service, I am very impressed with Telpay’s support and service”, stated Lorie. For any issues, she just picks up pick up the phone. Lorie explained, “One time an employee didn’t receive their pay.  I called and spoke with a manager.  Tina immediately got to the bottom of the issue.  The employee’s bank had rejected the payment due to a keying error on their end!  The employee was so grateful to me, but the thanks belonged to Tina and Telpay!”

Payroll, Payables and More

Now Lorie uses Telpay for payroll, payables and even reimbursements for employees.  Her clients are impressed with the cost, efficiency and convenience of Telpay.  As a proud ASP Partner, she stated, “Telpay made my job so much easier, that I have been able to take on more clients, grow my business and enjoy my horses too.”

Forget Cheques

As for those cheques, Lorie stated, “I only write two a month, so I literally cut my cheque writing by 97%. I have one line to reconcile in the bank statement and no more printer jams that can throw off the whole numbering system. Finally I have had a stack of cheques in the drawer for some time and I expect they will last quite a while.” 

Less cheques and more time to play, now that is a story, so many other bookkeepers can relate to.


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Lorie Poulton

Appin, ON


Payroll and Payables

“Telpay made my job so much easier, that I have been able to take on more clients, grow my business and enjoy my horses too.”