MetroVans Business Connections Consultant

MetroVan Business Connections is a consultancy that offers a range of business support services to clients throughout Metro Vancouver. Like any small business, operational efficiency is huge, which was one reason why Paul Flesher was on the lookout for a better EFT system that could easily integrate with the organization’s accounting software, Adagio.

An Unwieldy EFT System

At one time, MetroVan Business Connections used a cumbersome online EFT system provided by a credit union that was just plain awkward, says Paul.

“It also required compensating internal controls, as there was not a strong system embedded in the payment process.”

This also meant that more people outside of the organization’s accounting group had to be involved to ensure the process was secure.

It was time for a change, and so Paul began looking for a solution that could be integrated with Adagio, as well as allow for a seamless processing flow and have a strong set of internal controls.

Secure and Streamlined

Paul soon found Telpay, which, he also discovered, has Adagio as one of its accounting software partners. That means its easy to integrate the two platforms to streamline payment processing and maintain or enhance existing controls.

In fact, the strength of Telpay’s internal controls was the biggest selling feature for Paul.

Two other big pluses were the relatively low costs of using the service and email approval.

“Often, EFT systems don’t prompt action,” says Paul, “but when an approver gets an email to react to instead of a message from accounting to logon somewhere and wade through a bunch of webpages, efficiency improves.”


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Vancouver, British Columbia

June 2016

“Ease of use, efficiency of process, comprehensive reporting, and internal controls.”

“I could only start the payroll on a Monday morning, and the expectation was that the employees would hopefully receive their paycheques by Thursday, so I was alway under the gun. From my perspective, it was time sensitive, laborious and costly.” – Paul Flesher