LedgersOnline Inc.

LedgersOnline Inc, founded in 2002, is a Vancouver based bookkeeping and accounting firm that works with small and medium sized businesses from across North America. The firm is also the creator or LedgerDocs, a document management application devoted to helping bookkeepers and accountants receive and manage their client’s documents. With a business model that relies greatly on technology, the LedgersOnline team offers their clients a range of services that help to streamline their bookkeeping process, while making the time spent on administrative tasks as simplified as possible.

The Problem:
LedgersOnline Inc. has offered Telpay’s help to a number of their clients as a solution to simplify their accounts payables and receivables. One of their clients in particular, a consulting and coaching firm, came to LedgersOnline for exactly this reason. Historically, the client would pay their vendors by cheque but they felt that this was not the most efficient method, as they are a relatively small business with insufficient time to print, sign, and send cheques to vendors. With a large number of vendors being paid on a monthly basis, they needed a way to streamline this task so their management team could spend more time growing the business.

The Solution:
Listening to the client’s needs and requirements, even in the initial meeting, the LedgersOnline team already knew that Telpay would be a great fit. The firm quickly put the client in touch with the Telpay support team, who were able to develop a solution that streamlines the client’s accounts payable tasks. The bookkeeper is now able to either enter payments directly or import a batch of payments from their QuickBooks Online account. The management team is then able to approve payments via email before Telpay withdraws the funds from the client’s account. Once completed, the vendor receives a payment notification which includes full payment details, making it easy to reconcile for all parties involved.

This is just one of the many stories from LedgersOnline Inc, whose team is working hard to provide businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants the ease of seamless bookkeeping and accounting.


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Wayne Zilke, CEO


“Any time one of our client’s need an out-of-the-box accounts payable or receivable solution, we always recommend Telpay. With great support you can feel confident your clients are in good hands”