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QuickBooks Users!

Streamline your payroll and
payables process with Telpay

Payroll and Payables Direct Deposit for QuickBooks

Telpay provides a simple direct deposit solution that integrates with QuickBooks software. With our Telpay for Business payment software, pay your employees through direct deposit for as little as 15 cents. Plus make payments to utilities, credit cards, suppliers and vendors of any size. With Telpay, you get access to Canada’s largest biller list with over 150,000 listed businesses.

Versatile. Robust. Fast.

  • Pay one, some, or all of your employees
  • Pay CRA remittances and employee expense reimbursement
  • Payroll deposited into employee accounts in as early as 2 business days
  • Pay utilities, credit cards, and vendors of any size

Convenient. Secure. Trusted

  • Single/dual signing authorization (just like your cheques)
  • Approve payments while away from the office
  • Accountant tested with clear audit trial and strong reporting

Import Payroll and Payables from QuickBooks

Calculate your payroll and payables in QuickBooks and import the information into Telpay for Business.

Send Payroll and Payables Information and Funds

Transmit your payment file to Telpay and fund the Telpay trust account. Send funds through your online bill payment system or instruct Telpay to automatically debit your bank account.

Deposit Made

Once Telpay has matched your payment file to the funds, your employees and/or vendors will be paid via direct deposit.

How do I fund my payments to Telpay?

You choose the payment funding method that is suitable for you. You have the option of using an online banking transfer from your financial institution to Telpay’s Trust Account or have Telpay withdraw the funds from your account.


Do I need a lead-time to fund payments?

Timing can be tricky, but with the help of our funding timeline, you can be sure to get your payments where they need to go on time. Click here to view our funding timelines.



Set-Up Fee – $99.00
One time charge for software and system set-up $99.00

Monthly Charges – $15.00
Includes system updates and support

Payroll Transaction Charges – $0.15
Direct Deposit Payroll Transactions
*Minimum charge of $5.00 per file (1 – 33 transactions)

Payables Transaction Charges – $0.50*
*Payment will be sent by cheque to vendors with no bank account information – $1.50/cheque
For a complete price list, visit our Pricing page.

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