Telpay for Business FAQ

1.0 Installation and Maintenance

1.1 What is an Access Number? How many can I have?

Each company will require its own Access Number. Each Access Number is connected with your company's bank account and this ensures that the funds are being taken out of the right account. There is a monthly fee for each Access Number that you apply for. You can register as many companies as you would like to use the software with.

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1.2 How do I make a backup of my Telpay for Business data?

Telpay for Business prompts you to make a backup of your data after you transmit payments to Telpay. We recommend that you use a USB flash drive, Network drive or CD/DVD-Recordable disc to ensure you always have a backup copy.

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1.3 Can I run Telpay for Business over my network?

Yes, you can read our instructions here.

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1.4 My hard drive crashed, how do I re-install Telpay for Business?

To re-install Telpay for Business, please download the latest version of the software. Once you have installed you should restore the data you made a backup of using the Telpay for Business software. Please see our Backup and Restore document for more details.

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1.5 Is a reboot necessary after installation of the software?


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1.6 What is the difference between a System Administrator, an Authorized Officer and a Data Entry Person.

Only a System Administrator has access to the System Administration screens and thus makes changes in the way your system operates and permits other personnel to be added as Authorized Officers or Data Entry Persons. An Authorized Officer can approve a file of payments for transmitting to Telpay. A Data Entry Person can enter payments.

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1.7 Why would I want to require two authorizations or system administrators?

Many firms require dual authorizations for payments (e.g. two signing officers for cheques).Telpay for Business allows for the same level of authorization if required.

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1.8 How can I change computers that Telpay for Business would be run from?

It is necessary to re-install Telpay for Business on the new computer (see Question #1.4).

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1.9 How confidential is your service?

For detailed information about confidentiality and privacy please visit Telpay's Security & Privacy Policy page.

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1.10 Can Telpay for Business remember my Access Number so I don't need to enter it each time I login?

Yes! The next time you login to the software, click the "Remember Telpay Access Number" check box before you click "OK".

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1.11 I have recently switched to a high speed Internet service from dial-up. How do I change my Telpay for Business settings to reflect this?

Click the Windows "Start" button on your desktop, then "Programs", "Telpay for Business", "Utilities", and finally "Communications". Click "Settings", then "Communications Info". Click the "SSL" button and then "OK". Exit the Telpay Communications Software program.

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1.12 What does it mean when I get a message saying "Your software is being updated"?

Periodically, Telpay will produce new error checking features and other enhancements/fixes to the software. When you transmit payments to us, the software checks for new versions of its files on Telpay's server. Any newer files are transferred automatically to your computer and your software is updated with these new files. If one of these files is already in use by your computer, you will be prompted to restart your computer. This is necessary in order to put the new files in place.

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1.13 I have alot of software on my computer, is there any software that is incompatible with Telpay for Business?

Provided the system requirements are met, Telpay has been written with up to date code that will be compatible with most software solutions available today. We are aware of known issues running Telpay for Business and ServiceCEO software on the same computer. We recommend that the two softwares be installed on seperate computers.

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2.0 Payment Questions

2.1 Can I pay U.S. suppliers or suppliers in other countries?

Yes. Using the International Payments Module with Telpay for Business, you are able to pay suppliers across the world.

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2.2 Why do my payments automatically default to a Wednesday pay date?

Although Telpay for Business automatically defaults payments to the next Wednesday, you can choose any date that you want to pay your suppliers (a different service charge applies). The advantage of consolidating and batching your payments on one day is fewer debits to your bank account. If you consolidate and pay 20 suppliers on a Wednesday, you will get a print out from Telpay for Business listing all of the payments separately, but only one debit will appear on your bank statement. This will help reduce the time it normally takes to do your bank reconciliation.

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2.3 Why does the system request the amount of GST?

Most companies can claim a refund of GST paid to other suppliers. By entering the GST as shown, the amount entered will automatically appear as a debit to Accounts Receivable - GST. If not eligible for GST, do not enter in the GST amount.

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2.4 The supplier I tried to add is not on Telpay's biller list. Why do I have to enter all of their contact information?

Although Telpay has thousands of standard billers, these are generally utilities, charge cards and Government remittances and banking information is already known for these suppliers. Your Specific Billers (those not on Telpay's list) are not known by Telpay, and therefore, we need their detailed information. The first payment sent may be by cheque, with the request for their bank account information. Telpay will coordinate with your supplier to get this information and when it is known, we will remit future payments electronically and send the supplier invoice details by fax or e-mail the same day funds are transferred into their bank account.

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2.5 What if you don't get their bank account information? Can I still use Telpay for Business to pay them?

Yes. Telpay will continue to send them payments by cheque, with invoice details until we receive their bank account information.

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2.6.a Why should I use a Funds Transfer instead of a Customer Specific Biller?

Funds Transfers are intended for payments to where the recipient knows what the payment is for. For example, an employee paid for an expense account. If communication to the employee is required, the company can look after that directly. Funds Transfers cost less than Customer Specific payments.

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2.6.b How long will it take for funds to arrive in recipient's account when using funds transfer?

Certain transactions such as cash withdrawals at an ATM are processed immediately to customer accounts by the banks. The vast majority though are processed at the end of the day in batch mode. They are dated the current day but do not appear in any online access to the account until the next day.

Telpay's credits do, in fact get credited to the bank account under date of the next business day just as we promise, but if the recipient views their account online or tries to withdraw the funds at an ATM, the funds will not appear to be there until the next business day.

On the other hand, if the recipient has a cheque clearing or mortgage payment coming due on that day, the funds will be there because these transactions are posted with the end of day transactions just as our funds transfers are. Since the banks post all credits to accounts first, if the credits cover the debits, then the payment will go through.

In short, the funds are available next business day for transactions that the banks process in batch mode, but will not be "seen" by ATM's or online banking access until the day after - though they will be dated the next business day.

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2.7 Do I need to include invoice details with every Customer Specific payment?

Invoice details must be entered for Customer Specific payments. If you do not have an invoice number, you can say "Payment on account" or provide any other explanation you wish.

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2.8 Why does Telpay ask for the last three digits of the biller account number to identify the biller?

This method has proven over the years to be the most effective way of identifying the biller you wish to pay. It is usually available on the statement or invoice you are about to pay (if not, see below). If you have more than one account with the same biller, it ensures that the payment you are about to make gets credited to the correct account.

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2.9 What if the party I want to make a payment to does not provide an account number?

We recommend you enter the party's phone number. The last three digits of that number will identify that biller in future.

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2.10 What if I need to find out what account number I have on file for a biller?

By going to Modify Biller Information you can click on the biller in question and the account number will appear.

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2.11 Can I get a list of all the billers I have set up?

On the Modify Biller Information screen there is a Print Billers button.

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2.12 I live in Vancouver and my mom lives in St. John's. Can I avoid the large service charges from other payment services for sending her money?

Yes! With Telpay for Business, you can pay your mom (or anyone else in Canada, for that matter) for as little as 50 cents. Here's how: click "Add Billers" from the main menu, enter their name, check the "Add Funds Transfer" check box, enter their phone numbers as the account number and click "Add". Enter their bank account information (found at the bottom of one of their "cheques") and click OK.

If you don't have the bank account number to transfer the funds to, you can add them as a Customer Specific Biller instead (address information will be required). These payments are are made by mail and a surcharge of 75 cents per payment is added. Telpay encourages Customer Specific Billers to provide their bank account number, allowing users to reduce their payment costs even further. To make a payment to them, enter the last three digits of their phone number at the "Enter Bills" screen and fill in the amount.

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2.13 I have more than one Telpay Access Number. How can I switch to my other Access Number without exiting the software?

Click the "Logon Again" button from the main menu. Enter your other Access Number and PIN, and then click OK. Telpay for Business will keep track of your payments separately, even if they haven't been transmitted yet!

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2.14 Can I pay my household bills with one of your services?

Yes. For the Telpay Secure Website, enter "" into your web browser and login. For the Telpay Telephone Bill Payment Service, dial 1.800.665.0302 and follow the prompts. Please note that, at this time, you can only pay Telpay Standard Billers with these services.

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2.15 I know that I can pay my phone bill and make my credit card payments, but can I pay my lawyer?

Yes, you can pay any business or individual, even if it is not on our list of suppliers. In the "Add Billers" screen, enter the name of the business or individual, check the "Add Customer Specific Biller" check box, enter your account number (you can use their phone number if you do not have an account) and click "Add". Click"OK". To make a payment to them, enter the last three digits of the account number at the "Enter Bills" screen and fill in the amount."

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2.16 How can I test different capabilities of Telpay for Business; to see that they do work for me?

An easy way to become confident with Telpay for Business is to generate a payment to your own organization for a nominal amount. You will then see what you get but also what the recipient of the payment gets. You can do this by making a nominal payment to yourself, a funds transfer or even a payroll payment.

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2.17 Can I pay employee expense accounts by simply generating a file of payments and transmitting that?

You can use the "transmit file" option to send any group of payments. However, the accounting entry for a file transmission is a single debit to the File Transmission clearing account. In the case of expense accounts, you may wish to charge them to many different accounts. Therefore, we suggest using the Funds Transfer option or Customer Specific Biller option for such payments.

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2.18 When adding a customer specific biller I am asked to enter my account number with that biller. What do I do if there is no account number?

It is required that there be an account number so that you can access the customer in future. If not given, we suggest you enter the company's phone number as the account number.

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2.19 What should I do if the supplier's bill does not show the account number?

In such cases use the supplier's phone number as the account number. Future payments will be able to be made without setting up a new biller by keying the last three digits of the phone number.

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2.20 What should I do if the supplier's invoice does not provide a phone number or postal code?

These are required fields for new billers. We suggest you contact the supplier to obtain the information. You may also find it by looking up the biller on the Internet.

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3.0 Direct Deposits/Payroll

3.1 How do I know if my payroll was transmitted to Telpay?

You will receive a confirmation report from Telpay immediately after transmitting the payroll or payment. This report will provide you with many details including a session number, who authorized the file, and indicate where your electronic journal entry can be located for importing into your accounting system. You will also receive an e-mail notification overnight re-confirming the processing of your payroll or payment file.

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3.2 What if the banking information for my employee was incorrect?

The Telpay for Business software performs account number validation wherever possible based on information provided by the Canadian Payments Association. If the system cannot validate the banking information you have entered, the system will indicate this to you and request that you enter the information twice. However; if a deposit is rejected, you will be notified via e-mail. Once the funds have been returned by the bank to Telpay the money will be deposited back into your company bank account. Please note there is a $5.00 service charge for any rejected items.

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3.3 How long does it take until I know if a deposit has been rejected?

Telpay will notify you once the bank has returned the item. This varies by bank but it is generally known within two to three business days. If an employee indicates that they did not receive the direct deposit you can contact Telpay Customer Service and request that the item be traced.

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3.4 Once I send Telpay the payroll file can I cancel a deposit or change the amounts?

You cannot delete or change individual payments but you can delete the entire file and send Telpay a new file with the changes. This can be done up to two business days prior to payment date.

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3.5 What if my employee has closed their bank account and did not notify me in time?

The payment will be rejected from the bank and the funds will be returned to your company bank account. There is a $5.00 service charge for any returned items. Please refer to item number 3.2 above for further details.

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3.6 To ensure that my employees will be paid on time, when do I need to send in my payroll?

This will be dependant on the funding option that you have chosen. Please refer to the "Funding of Payments" document that was sent to you or contact Telpay customer service.

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3.7 What if I miss the deadline to send a file or funds?

If you send a file or funds late, please contact us at (800) 665-0302 to ensure your employees can still be paid.

If employees can still be paid within your acceptable time frame, there is important information you should relay to them.

  • We cannot guarantee that the employees’ funds will be in their bank accounts by morning of the pay date. Instead, the funds will show up later in the evening (for major banks, deposits will begin appearing in employees’ online banking between 6:00 PM and midnight).  Depending on the financial institution, deposits can appear the following business day.
  • Employees should be informed that this will not affect any pre-authorized debits they may have coming out of their account on pay day. This is because banks process credits prior to debits. Employees who bank with credit unions may face different processing times and should contact their credit union for details. 
  • You also have the option to contact us at 800-665-0302 to delete the payment/payroll and pay employees by cheque instead.
  • If employees do not have funds in their accounts prior to being paid, they will not be able to withdraw money or debit money themselves, until the credit is processed.
  • For specific processing times they will need to contact their individual financial institutions.

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3.8 What does the direct deposit service cost through Telpay?

Direct deposits for employees' net pay are $0.15 per direct deposit, with a minimum file fee of $5.00. What this means is that if you have less than 33 employees in a payroll file, you will be charged a flat $5.00. If you have over 33 employees you will be charged $0.15 per direct deposit.

A monthly service fee of $15.00 for having Telpay for Business software also applies. Therefore a typical small business with a semi-monthly payroll with less than 33 employees would pay $25 per month ($15 monthly fee plus two files at $5.00 each.)

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4.0 Transmission of Payments

4.1 If I send a file more than once in a week, but the transaction date is for the same Wednesday, will there be one debit to the bank or multiple debits?

There would be multiple debits to your bank account. The general rule is that each Telpay for Business session equals one debit to the bank.

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4.2 I transmitted a bill payment to Telpay, but I want to cancel it. Can I still do that?

Yes. As long as it is before 12:00 midnight CT the day before the payment is supposed to be made. Go to "Delete Transmitted Payments" on the Main Menu. Simply send us a new file requesting that payment to be deleted. The charge is $2.50 versus $25.00 you might pay to cancel a cheque through your Financial Institution.

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4.3 I just sent a bill payment with Telpay for Business but I just realized I entered the wrong amount. How can I fix this?

Before Midnight CT of the day before the payment is to be made, you can delete a payment. Click the "Delete Transmitted Payments" button on the main menu. Click the check box for the payment(s) you wish to delete. Click the "Delete" button. After you confirm the deletion, you will be taken to the transmission screen. Click "Send Payments" to transmit the deletion request.

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5.0 Accounting Entries

5.1 Can I distribute the cost of expenditure to more than one GL account?

There is provision on the "Pay Bills" Screen to make any number of distributions in addition to (or instead of) the regular distribution account you set up when adding the supplier.

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6.0 Accounts Payable Questions

6.1 I have entered "accrue payment to Accounts Payable" in Telpay for Business Accounts Payable Module. I want to export the General Ledger information to my Accounting System. When I look at the "Review and/or Transmit Payments" screen, there are no payments. How can I update my General Ledger to reflect the transactions I have sent to Accounts Payable?

Even though the "Review and/or Transmit Payments" screen does not show bills to transmit to Telpay, you can still update your General Ledger by transmitting an empty file. Enter your authorization(s) into the "Review and/or Transmit Payments" screen and click "Send Payments". A file containing the entries to your General Ledger will be produced.

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7.0 Reporting Past and Current Payments

7.1 Beside the supplier name on the payment journal report it states "No Ledger Reference". What does this mean?

When first setting up a supplier, Telpay for Business will ask you for a General Ledger account for expenditures to that supplier. If you don't enter one then or at the time of making the payment, no ledger reference appears on your Payment Journal Report. It is important to enter that information if GL information is required for Exporting to your accounting package. This information can be added by going to the Modify Supplier section in Telpay for Business.

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7.2 One of my suppliers said that they did not receive a payment from me. Can I check the software to see if I sent it?

Yes. View/Print History will allow you to review payments that have been transmitted to Telpay. You can break it down by supplier, date, session number or view all payments that have ever been transmitted to Telpay. Once you have the information, you can contact your supplier. If they still do not have a record of payment(s) being received, call Customer Service at Telpay for further help.

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7.3 How long is information about past payments retained by the system?

Details of your payments are retained for 999 sessions. At that time your session number starts over again and your original session "1" will no longer be available. All other sessions will continue to be available until replaced by a more recent session. As sessions are removed from the "Payments" file they are placed in the "Agedfile" where they remain indefinitely. At any time the "Agedfile" can be deleted to avoid using space that is not needed.

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7.4 What types of accounting packages do you support?

Please click here for more information on the accounting packages. (the link associated to this answer on the current site leads to a 404)

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7.5 Why does the QuickBooks import begin with a "$0.00" debit?

The first entry of a QuickBooks transaction file must balance to the remainder of the entries. The sum of the transactions exported from Telpay for Business is zero, so the QuickBooks file must begin with a $0.00 entry.

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7.6 If I am not using an accounting package at this point (or using a Telpay for Business export file), what should I enter for General Ledger Account Numbers in System Administration?

If you are not using an accounting package, entering General Ledger Account Number information is still very useful. (We suggest entering "Bank Account" etc. in the space provided.) At a minimum, these names help identify where transactions belong and are much more useful than the "no ledger reference" messages. Please consult your accountant for a list of numbers you should use.

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7.7 I can use a portion of my personal phone bill for a tax deduction. How can I find out how much I have paid the phone company with Telpay for Business this year?

Click the "View/Print History" from the main menu. Click "View Payments Transmitted". Select the Transmission Dates for this year from the "Transmission Dates" box. Find your phone company (or any other supplier) in the supplier list and click on it. When you click "OK", a list of payments will be displayed with a report total.

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8.0 Biller Services

8.1 What is meant by "payment consolidation" and how does it affect a biller?

When a biller designates Telpay as its payment service provider, it is telling its customers to pay through Telpay. Telpay then sees to the collection of funds from the customer. It also combines all the funds from all customers for a given day (or week if that option is chosen) and submits one electronic deposit and one listing of all of the payments and such details as are required to the biller.

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8.2 How does Telpay's service compare to the bill payment services offered by the banks?

For large billers such as utilities and credit card companies, our services are very similar. Telpay has gone a step further and enabled its users to pay any biller, large or small. With Telpay, all businesses can enjoy the benefits and savings of electronic payments.

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8.3 When we receive electronic payments we get a credit to our bank account and a fax or email saying the account is paid. It is time consuming to reconcile the two. Can Telpay help us?

Very definitely. Telpay's payment consolidation process brings the payments together to provide one list and one deposit. Our systems are designed to ensure that the information such as account number and invoice number are provided and are, as far as possible, accurate.

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8.4 Are the funds we receive guaranteed?

Business to business payments are guaranteed to the extent that we normally do not forward these funds until the bill payer has provided the funds to us. With smaller personal payments we normally debit your customer's account and credit your account on the same day. If the debit to the customer is returned by the bank we will notify you immediately and offer to make one attempt to collect the payment. If it is not paid we will ask you to refund the payment and utilize your own collection process as you would for payments made directly to yourself.

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8.5 By what means am I notified that payments have been made via Telpay?

You have a choice of receiving the information by fax, email, electronic file and a number of other means. Your choice will depend on your volume of payments and capabilities of your systems. Telpay can provide the solution you need when your requirements indicate the need.

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8.6 Can Telpay's service facilitate payment of my electronically presented bills?

Telpay has excellent payment options that can encourage payment of your emailed or web presented bills. Telpay's patented process allows your customers to click a link to the Telpay service and a couple of more clicks and the bill is paid. We also have an associated company, PresentPay, which provides a sophisticated, secure presentment process for larger billers.

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8.7 Is my company at risk if I give my bank account to you?

As indicated elsewhere, you are protected by Canadian Payment System rules from abuse of your bank account number. From a convenience point of view, if you have your customers pay you through Telpay, you only have to give Telpay your bank account number. If you change bank accounts, only Telpay has to be advised.

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9.0 Security of Funds and Information

9.1 How are funds for payment of bills handled by Telpay?

Please refer to our Funding of Payments Guide.

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9.2 How secure are funds provided to Telpay for payment of bills?

All funds are in Trust accounts which are held by Financial Institutions insured with the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation. Telpay maintains a $10,000,000 Fidelity Bond. Telpay has a history of handling funds for most of the major billers in Canada since 1985.

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9.3 How do I know the bank account number I provide will not be misused?

Bank account and other sensitive information is maintained in encrypted form, whether during transmission to or from Telpay, or stored on Telpay's facilities.

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9.4 Should I be concerned about giving others my bank account number?

We don't think about it but every time we issue a cheque we are sending someone our bank account number. I n Europe it is quite common to find the bank account number printed on the customer's invoices. This is to encourage electronic payment of the invoices. Banking rules allow you time to check for unauthorized charges to your account which can then be returned if improper.

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9.5 Am I protected against unauthorized electronic debits to my bank account?

The Canadian Payments Association ( provides procedures that cover all "Preauthorized Debits" (PAD's) and they apply to all banks and credit unions. If a PAD is improperly charged to your bank account you are entitled to go to your bank and sign a form giving the reason for refunding the PAD and the financial institution must immediately credit your account.

Source: The Canadian Payments Association, Rule H1 (PreAuthorized Debits), AppIII

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9.6 How secure is the information provided to Telpay?

All sensitive data is maintained in encrypted form whether in storage on our computer or in transit via communication systems. All employees are bonded and required to sign Confidentiality Statements on an annual basis. Our Customer Agreement with you requires Telpay to use its customer's information only as provided for under the agreement and to abide by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and regulations under it.

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9.7 How reliable are Telpay's computer and communications systems?

Telpay's record of up time is extremely high - better than 99.5% last year. In fact, because of duplicate facilities in different cities certain services are never down. Telpay operates from a particularly secure building in Downtown Winnipeg. Designed to serve a trust company, it is especially impervious to fire. Offsite back up is maintained at all times. Detailed plans for relocating in another city are in place. Our experienced staff is also a source of confidence that any challenge could be met promptly.

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9.8 Telpay for Business Change of Banking Information

The client needs to fill out the change of information form and have it signed by the authorized officer. They need to include a void cheque with their company name and address. Send it to us at or fax 1-800-665-0302. We will change the bank information for the client and within two days they will see a small dr/cr go through their new bank account. When logging on to Telpay they need to check “Enter new small deposit amount” they must enter the small deposit amount such as 0017 for 17 cents. (Four digits). The system will do a transmission accepting the amount and they will be good to go.

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10.0 Telpay for Business and QuickBooks

10.1 After installing QuickBooks 2008, why do my applications from Inuit Solutions Marketplace (third-party applications) no longer connect to QuickBooks 2007 or QuickBookds Multicurrency Edition?

Intuit recommends that customers install and use only one version of QuickBooks on their computer. Many applications from the Intuit Solutions Marketplace have been updated to work with QuickBooks 2008. During the installation process, QuickBooks 2008 overwrites certain files on your computer necessary for QuickBooks 2007 to connect to third-party applications. Third-party applications, such as Telpay or the Customer Manager, will no longer connect to QuickBooks 2007. It is possible to have your QuickBooks 2007 application work with these applications again, but it requires you to uninstall QuickBooks 2008 using the detailed steps below. Important: If you wish to continue using QuickBooks 2008, you need to install the latest version of your third-party application that is compatible with QuickBooks 2008. If you wish to use QuickBooks 2007, then:

  • Uninstall QuickBooks 2008
  • Look in "C:Program Files\Common Files\Intuit" and you will see a folder called "QuickBooks". Right click on this folder and rename it to "QuickBooks.old". Note that if you installed QuickBooks on a drive other than C: you will have to use the appropriate drive letter
  • Reinstall QuickBooks 2007

For more information, please refer to this Intuit KnowledgeBase article.

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10.2 I am using the Telpay for Business software with a version of QuickBooks prior to 2008. What steps should I follow if I want to upgrade to QuickBooks 2008 or higher?

Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of software from the Telpay for Business Download page. After upgrading you will be required to do the following:

  • Start the Telpay for Business software
  • From the main menu select Import or Creating Payroll, Payable and Collection Files
  • Click the Options button below Auto-import. Select "We use Quickbooks 2008 or higher"

NOTE: If you are using the Multi-currency version of Quickbooks then in the Options screen you must select "We use Quickbooks 2004-2007" For Microsoft Vista users, please review the following:

  • You must log onto Telpay for Business as a user not as an Administrator
  • You must have User Account Control Enabled. In your Control Panel select User Accounts, click on Turn User Account Control On or Off and ensure "Use User Account Control" is selected.

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Telpay Personal Payments FAQ

1.0 Signup

1.1 Are there any initial setup fees?

There are no initial setup fees for personal users.

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1.2 How long will it take to process my application?

It takes approximately 2-3 business days to process your application.

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1.3 How will I be informed when I am able to start using Telpay to pay my bills?

There are 2 steps :

  1. You will receive your Access number via email
  2. A small amount will be credited/debited to your bank account by Telpay. This is your initial PIN and is obtained by accessing your banking information via your financial institution website or statement. As soon as you see those funds (2-3 business days after sending in your online application) you will be able to log on and start using Telpay.

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1.4 Once I receive my Access Number and PIN, how do I start using Telpay?

Click on the 'Login to Telpay' button at the top of the page and follow the steps. If you require assistance, please call Telpay Customer service at 1-800-665-0302 and someone will be happy to help you.

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2.0 Payment questions

2.1 What are the means available to me for paying bills using Telpay?

Once registered with Telpay, you can use either your telephone or the Internet to pay your bills. The Internet has "Pay Anyone" functionality but either method can be used for paying regular bills at any time.

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2.2 Can payments be postdated?

Postdated payments made using the phone and Internet are available.

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2.3 When will my payments be processed?

Subject to Telpay's funding requirements, all payments are processed the next business day. In most cases, this means that the funds are withdrawn from your account and electronically transferred the next business day. Note that a bill payment may be held for 3-4 business days to ensure that the money clears your bank account, so please plan accordingly. Telpay will make an attempt to contact you by phone or email to advise that we are holding your payment.

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2.4 How do I register my bill accounts to pay them by Telpay?

Via the internet:

  • Log in using your access number and PIN.
  • Choose "Add/Remove Billers/Recipients".
  • In Step 1, Enter part or all of your biller name.
  • In Step 2, scroll the alphabetical menu and select the biller you wish to add.
  • In Step 3, Enter your full account number with this biller and choose "Add".

Via telephone:

You will be prompted as follows: (NOTE: You will only be allowed to add billers listed by Telpay when using this method.)

  • Log in using your access number and PIN
  • Enter 3, followed by the # sign to add a bill
  • Locate the numbers on your telephone keypad which correspond to the first four letters of the first word of the company name. If the first word has fewer than four letters, enter the entire word and press the # sign. Ignore introductory words like, City of, Town of, Municipality of, Village of. For example, for City of Winnipeg Waterworks, you would enter W I N N or 9-4-6-6. If prompted for the first four letters of the second word, you would enter W A T E or 9-2-8-3.
  • After entering the first four letters of the first word, and the first four letters of the second word (if you are prompted to do so), you will be prompted with a list of billers matching your entry. As each name is presented, enter 1# for yes or 2# for no.
  • If 1 is entered, you will be prompted for the account number.
  • Enter the account number, followed by the # sign.
  • The account number will be played back to you. Enter 1# to confirm that the account should be added. Enter 2# if you entered the account incorrectly.

NOTE: Billers who may have alphabetic characters (A-Z) in their account numbers cannot be added via the telephone. Once setup, however, they can be paid on the telephone. To add these types of billers, enter them via the Internet or call Telpay Customer Service at 1-800-665-0302.

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2.5 Can I pay all my bills through Telpay?

Telpay has over 4,100 billers on file and we are adding more all the time. If you cannot find your bill on our list of billers, using Telpay's Internet service, you can add your own billers to the Telpay list. In other words, you can "Pay Anyone".

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3.0 Direct deposits

3.1 How long will it take for funds to arrive in the recipient's account when using funds transfer?

Funds transfers are only allowed for accounts that have an established bill payment history.  Transfers are credited to the recipient's account the next business day, provided we have the recipient's bank account number. We cannot guarantee exactly when the funds will appear in the recipient's account. This depends on the recipient's bank. The value date of the deposit will be the next business day.

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3.2 Is there a chance the funds transfer could be held?

A funds transfer may be held for 3-4 business days to ensure that the money clears your bank account. Telpay will make an attempt to contact you by phone or email to advise that we are holding your funds transfer.

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4.0 Troubleshooting

4.1 My PIN isn't being accepted.

Your account may be on hold. This can happen if your PIN has been entered incorrectly three times or your account may have been placed on hold for administrative purposes. Call customer service 1-800-665-0302 or email for assistance.

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4.2 Why can I not see my emailed Telpay payment confirmation in my email Inbox?

Your email service may be moving Telpay's payment confirmation to a special folder. If you do not see the confirmation in your Inbox it may have been moved to another folder. For example, if you use Yahoo it may move the confirmation to your BULK folder. If you use Gmail, it may move it to a folder called SPAM. Regardless of your service, please check your other email folders if you do not see the confirmation.

You can also use the advanced features of your email service to ensure:

  1. The confirmation always goes to your Inbox,
  2. It goes to an existing folder other than your Inbox or
  3. It goes to a new folder that you've created (e.g. TelpayConfirmations).

Please consult your email service for more information.

Payment confirmations are sent the same day to your email address whether you use our Internet site or our telephone service to pay your bills.

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5.0 Security and information

5.1 How do I update personal information, such as my address, for Telpay's telephone / Internet bill payment services?

All requests for changes to your contact information must be emailed to from your email address (the one that Telpay has on file from the time you signed up). The email must contain your access number, name, current contact information on file and the new contact information.

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5.2 How can I change my PIN?

If you have an initial PIN, assigned by Telpay, you will be asked to change it the first time you use the Internet or telephone bill payment service. Subsequent changes to your PIN can be made by logging on to your Telpay account and selecting 'My Profile' or calling our customer service staff at 1-800-665-0302.

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5.3 Giving your bank account number to another party seems to be risky. What is your response to someone who has this concern?

We don't think about it but every time you give someone a cheque you are giving them your bank account number. An advantage of giving your bank account number to Telpay is that you then don't have to give it to other billers who make their payments using Telpay's services. Telpay consolidates payments from all sources and credits the bank account.

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5.4 Am I protected against unauthorized electronic debits to my bank account?

The Canadian Payments Association ( provides procedures that cover all "Preauthorized Debits" (PAD's) and they apply to all banks and credit unions. If a PAD is improperly charged to your bank account you are entitled to go to your bank and sign a form giving the reason for refunding the PAD and the financial institution must immediately credit your account.

Source: Canadian Payments Association, Rule H1 (PreAuthorized Debits), Appendix III

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5.5 Why do we request the last three digits of the account number to identify the biller?

We request the last three digits for at least two reasons:

  • It is a convenient code for identifying the biller you want to pay.
  • Your account numbers can change for various reasons:
  • if you move;
  • if you lose your credit card (and have to get a new one);
  • the biller changes its account numbering system.
  • keying the last three digits will "catch" those types of changes.

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5.6 Telpay for You Change of Banking Information

Send in a void cheque with your name and address on the void cheque to or fax 1-800-665-0302. Telpay will update the bank information. Within two days you will see a small deposit go through your new bank account. When you logon to Telpay where you usually put your password you will enter the small deposit amount. Example 0017 for 17 cents. Logon and the system will update the bank information. That’s it. (Note there is no form to update bank information for Telpay for You)

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